e t e r n a l c r y i n g


"Biosphere" Heather Phillips

YES! I’ve been here and it was amazing. I don’t remember if I posted pictures but if not I should soon.


Wow, great to know my job is appreciated at this school.

Lmao there’s officially nobody left on Tinder for me to be denied by


Title: I'M REALLY FEELING IT Artist: Shulk 103,292 再生



the new dank meme of 2014

ive been waiting for this for about a month now and was too lazy to do it god bless you



Steal his look: Coach Z

Green Morphsuit: $40

Purple Snapback: $40

Gold-plated Z Bling: $3000

White Morphmask: $15

Constantin Brâncuși, Sleeping Muse, 1910


Dope shit

all you poor saps. sleeping your life away. you’re missing all these cartoon titties.

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